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An Introduction to Dowsing

Techniques and Uses


Dowsing, having been used for centuries, is a tool to access information not seen by our eyes or accessible by our intellectual or scientific mind. Familiar to most of us is water divining, however over the centuries Dowsing has been used by architects, builders, healers, geologists and archaeologists.


Dowsing, when undertaken properly, can also be seen as a tool to reach deeper intuitions and inner/outer wisdom.


Dowsers have discovered and honed their skills to reveal many uses for the information that can be accessed by using various Dowsing techniques.


The applications or uses that will be covered in the course are:

  • Locating underground water, minerals and services (pipes, electricity, gas etc.)

  • Identifying beneficial or challenging earth energies to position ourselves and our homes in the most conducive environment

  • Designing, organising and orientating homes, gardens and farms to function in the most beneficial way

  • Testing vitalities of human, animal, plant, water and earth for health

  • Testing water and soil qualities and how to improve them


In this course you will learn about and experiment with the most common tools used for Dowsing. You will make a set of your own L rods and receive a pendulum to take home. You will learn processes for dropping into a state of mind conducive for opening a relationship with subtle energies, inner and outer, and learn how to frame questions that lead to accurate answers.


We will all come with our own interests and wishes for how we would like to use Dowsing in our lives. For some it is practical, for others more spiritual, and this course will enable you to step forward on your Dowsing journey, whatever that journey may be.


My name is Keiron Pratt and I was first introduced to Dowsing 15 years ago, while working in the Irrigation industry and over the years my practised skill of Dowsing has proved to be a useful skill in my work and personal life.

I own a landscape construction and permaculture design business and I use Dowsing in many of my projects. Dowsing has become a valuable addition to my toolbox.

I also use Dowsing for many other purposes in my life. Through my experience I have realised Dowsing isn’t about finding outside answers more than it is about accessing our own inner wisdom or intuition. When I tap into this wisdom I can improve my life through my living position and situation, through my mental and physical health and even through not digging for days, blinded, to find a broken pipe in a field.


Come along for this weekend Dowsing course and learn the basics of Dowsing, how you would like to make use of it and how it can be an invaluable and always accessible tool to use in your everyday life.


I believe everybody can Dowse and all are welcome.

Where: Wominjeka park, 86 Highlands Rd, Eudlo QLD 4554

When: Saturday October 12th 9:00am til Sunday 13th October 3:30pm 

Price: $220          Early tickets (before September): $180

Healthy food and drink provided for morning and afternoon tea. BYO lunch or there is access to Eudlo general store for lunch.

Email or call me for more info or to book: or 0487 982 358 

(I can only email until I return to Aus at the beginning of September)

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