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Design and Consultation

We offer this service as a set price or by the hour. 

- AUD$ 65 per hour 
For on-site professional advice and problem solving.

- Small residential concept plans *
AUD$ 1100 excl. gst (aproximately 25-30 hours work)
- Mid-size residential concept plans *
AUD$ 1250 excl. gst (aproximately 30-35 hours work)

- Large property or commercial concept plans * 
AUD$ 1400 excl. gst (aproximately 35-40 hours work)

* Prices are estimates and can vary depending on the  detail required.
Includes: site visit to discuss clients needs and the sites capabilities, measure up, a draft plan, final concept plan hardcopy and 
written project information document. The overall plan will be walked through on-site and discussed. All plans also supplied in digital pdf format.
After the design process the construction of the project can be quoted or other known and trusted sub-contractors recommended to complete the works.
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Landscaping and Construction

Quoted or by the hour. 

- AUD$ 55 per hour excl. gst
For professional landscaping services including:

- Ponds
- Timber work
- Structural Landscaping
- Paving and concreting
- Drainage and water harvesting
- Irrigation
- Planting & mulching 
- Regenerating damaged land
- Fauna habitat creation
- Revegetation works
- Rockwork
- Water features

- Permaculture gardens
- Fruit orchards
- Vegetable gardens

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